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You may notice that your child’s eyes look in different directions at the same time. You may also notice that your child closes one eye or tilts their head when looking at an object. This may be your child’s way of getting both eyes to work together, a sign of strabismus or squint . Also, your child may squint with one eye when in bright sunlight.

Your child’s pediatrician, school nurse, or teacher may notice these signs, too.
If you think your child might have strabismus, A complete eye exam is necessary to evaluate the condition and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Like children ,grown-ups can also have cross eyes or squint

To line up and focus both eyes on a single target, all muscles in both eyes must be balanced and working together. The brain controls these muscles. People who have strabismus usually have a problem that can affect eye muscles. Some of those problems may include:

  • Health problems such as diabetes, thyroid disease (Graves’ disease), Myasthenia gravis, brain tumors, or a stroke
  • Accidents or head injury
  • Damage to eye muscles during some kind of eye surgery

Most adults with strabismus have had it since they were children. But sometimes it starts later in life.


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